Individual, Family, & Marital/Couples Counseling
The choice you should make for total mental wellness is Associates of Psychotherapy. Individual, family, or marital counseling from one of our several qualified therapists will help you address your unique mental health needs and overcoming life’s struggles.
Individual Counseling
The individualized care you will receive from one of our qualified therapists will help you address your unique needs such as depression, anxiety, grief/loss, divorce, anger management, trauma(PTSD), or feeling overwhelmed by life’s circumstances.
Family Counseling
Your family unit will be more cohesive with in-depth counseling from us. We will help your family identify the underlying issues that are causing problems and develop healthy strategies tailored to address your family’s unique needs. Parents will also learn effective behavior management skills to use with their children. The end result is a functional family that uses effective skills to work toward goals together.
Group Counseling
There is no need to feel alone in your struggles. We offer a variety of time limited and on-going groups that help alleviate feelings of isolation while addressing particular needs such as addictions, loss/grieving, parenting, adolescence, marital/couples and healthy sexuality.
Child & Adolescent Counseling
Children ages 4 to 11 and adolescents ages 12 to 20 need counseling, too. If your child or adolescent is exhibiting signs of mental stress or behavior problems, we can help. Among the issues we address through the psychotherapy services we provide for children and adolescents include:
• Anger Management
• Behavior Management • Peer Pressure / Bullying
• Anxiety / Depression
• Self-Esteem
• Self Injury / Cutting
Marriage & Couples' Therapy, Family Counseling
Strengthening your relationship with a spouse, girlfriend, or boyfriend starts with counseling from Associates of Psychotherapy. We cover various areas for marriage and couples' counseling, including:
Sexuality Counseling
Sexuality can be confusing for adolescences and adults, but we provide the counseling you need to feel more confident. Sit down with one of our counselors to talk about identifying and reconciling your own sexuality as well as dealing with peer pressure.
Grief Counseling
Dealing with the death of a friend or loved one is less stressful with our counseling services. We help you identify loss, deal with anger and fear, and come to terms with loss.
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